Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Ideas for Scrapbooker" Guest Contributor

I am so pleased that I was invited to be a guest contributor on the "Ideas for Scrapbookers" blog. It has been so fun coming up with some layouts to share. Pammy has done a wonderful job of creating templates that make pulling together a layout a snap. She has also brought together a group of scrapbookers with a wide variety of skills so the ideas are really flowing at this blog. I chose to use one of the templates Pammy created put together the layout below. This is the Ellipse template and it can be downloaded at

Working with the template was interesting and I decided to try my hand at creating a couple of templates I could share. My first thought was to do something easy to use and that had a little versatility. So I chose an octagon shape and divided it up into sections. My final layout using this new template is here, titled "Athens Greece". There are more details on how I used the template on the "Ideas for Scrapbookers" blog.

I did one other layout just for fun. This time I wanted to do something with winter, and snow. So I created a snowflake template and put together the layout here using some very pretty BoBunny papers from their Snowy Serenade collection. The template is 3 pieces, but really easy to use.

Hope you enjoyed these pages. All of the templates are available on the "Ideas for Scrapbookers" blog at the link above. Thanks for visiting!


It's been a while...

Life is so full, I have not taken the time to post in recent months. But now I'm focused again on scrapbooking and looking forward to sharing. It's hard to believe the holidays went by so quickly, yet here it is the later half of January! I got a great Christmas present from my dear husband. Since I am such a techie, I have really enjoyed my Silhouette digital craft cutter. However, it was limiting in that it could not cut a 12 x 12 piece of paper, and it struggled with THICK card stock. Well my DH got me a Klick-N-Kut Groove-e which is turning out to be wonderful. It has cut everything I have thrown at it with ease, and since it is 13" wide it can cut the 12 x 12 paper with no effort. Here is an example of the background is can cut. The brown layer with the fern design was cut with the KNK Groove-e.

I still have a lot to learn about the software that came with the machine, however from my initial review of the users manual, this software is going to really make creating some of my own designs much easier. It also has the capability of converting other digital cutting formats, so I can still use all the shapes that I previously accumulated while using the Silhouette. It's going to be fun!


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